An Outside Newborn Shoot in November!!!

I was so nervous about this shoot. I had never done an outdoor newborn shoot before.
I never thought that I would be able to have a session like this outside in November!

This little guy was amazing! He was asleep the entire time. 
Very calm parents=very calm baby. :)


One of my favorite seniors!

This girl! <3


An Amazing Engagement Shoot

These two have been together forever!
Their love continues to grow. 

Young love is amazing to see. <3

I can't wait for their wedding!



Oh, these two, I mean three. :)

They exude love. 

The Art Park is such an amazing place. We walked around and found so many places to take the photos. 

What a special couple. 


Engagement A and C

A couple in love.

I was so lucky to meet these two. They are so in love and melt my heart. 
The two of them are kind and caring.



The H Family

A beautiful day walking Chittenango Falls. A few photos along the way. 

I just love learning about the families I work with. 


Mr. L.

What a nice young man.
We walked around the entire path at Chittenango Falls. 
Not one complaint, whine, or negative comment from him. 

Mr. L., I can't wait to see what you are going to do when you grow up!
Something spectacular, I gather. 


The Fuller Farm

This has to be one of my most favorite photo shoots!
I got right in the pen with the cows. 
They weren't afraid of me at all. In fact, they came up to see what the camera was from the front and the back of me. They are so curious. 

I went into the pen with the bull too. 
He was not very happy with me. I backed away when he snorted at me. :)

They are just so beautiful and gentle.