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College Packing Tips

I KNOW!!! It seems like it's way too soon for this, but it's not!
My son announced yesterday that he had 12 more days at home. He will be leaving to go to college.

I have two leaving for college again this year. :(

Here are five takeaways from our experiences:

1. Use a checklist (I have included some below.) Add things to the list you want to make sure you have. Check things off as you get them organized.

2. get organized From the moment you start your packing to the moment you put your stuff in the front room to go out to the car, make sure you are organized. 

3. bring more/bring less This depends on how far you are going. Your family can always send stuff in the mail if you have forgotten something. Better yet, they can bring it to youlater (once you get settled). If you bring more than you need, send it back with your family.

4. use a rooftop carrier This is probably one of the best things we did. It was so easy to put the durable stuff up there and make sure the delicate things were inside the car. It gives you so much more room. If you don’t have one, you can rent them or better yet, borrow one from a friend. It really does make a difference in space.

5. Pack liquid things in baggies Yes, we have learned this one from experience. Even if it’s brand new. It just takes that little jostle to loosen it up.

Three Tips for Beautiful Beach Photos

Are you going to the beach this summer?
Let's talk about how to get those great photos.

If you've got a cloudy or overcast day, you're in luck. I love cloudy and overcast days!
I know it's not what you want when you are going to the beach, but it makes for amazing photos!
There will be less shadows and squinting from the sun. 
Another thing that is great about those days is that you may be one of the only ones at the beach, so you won't have to compete with other people in the photos. 

What's Your Secret?

What makes a great marriage work?
What's your secret?
How do you do it?

I wanted to know all of these answers when I met this couple. 

When we first started, I asked this lovely couple, "How many years have you been married?"
"Over 60.", they replied.

"Wow! What's your secret?", I asked.

Wait for it...

FIVE Summer Party Must Haves

Parties, Parties, Parties

There are so many of them. Some planned months in advance...some days...then there are my favorite...hours or minutes. Come on over! 

I like to have some staples in my kitchen over the summer. Things that won't melt (especially this summer! Who else is having a heat wave?), won't spoil, and will be easy to transport if you are traveling.

Fireworks and Sparklers Photography

Happy Independence Day! (to my American friends)
Happy Canada Day! (to my Canadian friends)
Happy Bastille Day! (to my French friends)

I know you are probably very busy this time of year with picnics and parties. I just wanted to share some things with you about taking photos of Sparklers and Fireworks. They are both so much fun to photograph!

Here is a quick cheat sheet for you for fireworks.

What to Wear...Senior Photo Shoot

What should I wear?

I get this question A LOT!!!

Getting the most out of your camera

Are you ready to start taking better photos with your DSLR camera?!  Freezing motion, creating a pretty blurry background, and understanding the best camera gear doesn’t have to be a mystery!  Join me for a beginner’s photography class and I’ll teach you how to take better photos, even if your camera has always been on the “automatic” setting!  Your family deserves to have gorgeous photos to tell their story - let me help you be the one to make it happen! Book your seat now and start taking better photos tomorrow!
Beth Ann

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