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365 Project 10-20

I'm back with my 365 project.
Days 10-20.

11. Me
I do not like my photos taken unless I am in control (selfies) :)
I need to get in front of the camera more so that there are photos of me. 

365 Project

I am sure many of you have started a 365 project. I am sure many of you have finished a 365 project. I have not. I get into it in the beginning of the year...and I am good until around August. It's then that my business gets really busy. Senior photos and holiday photos and such.

My daughter inspired me to try it again. My goal is to keep up each week. Maybe not each day. I am doing a great job so far. Looking at my prompt in the morning, thinking about it during the day, and then coming home from work to capture it. Sometimes, I have gotten what I want in my mind and then I change it when I get home because I have seen something else that has sparked.
This is what I want this project to be though. To spark my creativity and make me think about things in different ways.

Anyway, here are my first 10/365.
I hope you enjoy them.

I am Here
This is our backyard at sunset in the winter. We don't get the greatest sunsets because we are up so high, but when the sun is so low in the sky and it makes this amazing scene, it is magical. The back field of our property is farmed with corn so we get these cool views of the corn stalks sticking out of the snow when they cut it down . 

20 Things You May or May Not Know About Me

I thought I would let you get to know me a little. 

1. I love to run.
Crazy running events like Ragnar Relay Races. 
Next year I will be running my 10th Ragnar race.

The Meaning of My Business Name

When my Aunt Marion said to me a while ago, "I just figured out what BAK means." I thought I would share with you all the meaning of my business name. 

While a friend of mine was working in my classroom with me I started my business. 
I am a first grade teacher by day. :)
I love my firsties.  If you want to check out my other blog, here's the link:

A Chilly, Fall Morning

I have known this family for a while. 
They were one of my first kiddos to photograph when I first got started. 

We ventured out on the trail. It was chilly. One of the first snows had fallen. These boys were troopers. They continued to smile through every picture, even when someone was hit in the face with a snowball...on accident. :)

I just love this trail. It doesn't matter what season, there is beauty every time I walk it. 
And this family added even more beauty.

Not Photography Related...But Anyway...Marine Corps Marathon

Marine Corps Marathon

Let's go back to the beginning of the year in March when the lottery opened.
I put my name in. Why not? If I got in...I got in. If I didn't...I didn't.
Well, I didn't! I was relieved. Really. A marathon was not on my bucket list. I had surgery in 2010 on my back. Who does a marathon after back surgery?


Beautiful August Wedding

What makes a true love story...
Love at first sight?
Overcoming obstacles?
Family support?
Fighting for what's real?
Making it work?
Making sacrifices?
All of the above.

When it comes to these two, you know that their love is the kind that was "meant to be". 
It's natural.
It's perfect.