More Paris...Sainte-Chapelle

One of my favorite places was Sainte-Chapelle. It is this small church (compared to the other churches) that you have to look for on the street. I was waiting in line to go in. I was not even sure if this was the line I was suppose to be in. :) I met this wonderful family from LA. They were in Paris for a family reunion. Imagine that! Finally someone came back and told us that it WAS the line for Sainte-Chapelle and that they were going to reopen at 2:00. Thank goodness I was in the right line. It was becoming very long, very quick.

So, after a long wait in line I walked up, bought my ticket, got my ticket stamped, and walked into this...

And then I walked up the stairs to this...

I was so overwhelmed. I think I stood there for five minutes just taking it all in. 
If you ever get to Paris, I highly recommend Sainte-Chapelle. You will not be disappointed. 


"Paris is always a good idea." Audrey Hepburn

I had the opportunity to travel to Paris with my husband, Andy.
What an adventure!

While we were there we saw EVERYTHING!
I could have taken a photo every second.
It was truly an amazing opportunity.
So, forgive me as the next couple posts will be about my trip.

We were in Paris on Bastille Day! WOW!!!
I am not sure how far away we were from the Eiffel Tower. We got a tip from our concierge on where to go. He did not disappoint us!
A once in a lifetime experience.