Full Moon

I think I'm finally getting it! 
I have tried so hard, with some help from friends, to take good photos of the moon.
It's hard to wait for the perfect time.
About once a month the moon is at its best for us around here.
These shots were taken in the morning one day after a full moon.

Let me know if you have any good tips for taking moon photos.
Have a wonderful day!


A Beautiful Girl...Inside and Out

I had the pleasure of taking some head shots of this lovely, young lady.
She is insightful and so sweet.

I even got her mom in on a couple. 
Aren't they beautiful?

A Beautiful Spring Day.

Finally a beautiful spring day.
I came home from school and went outside to walk around.
Everything was so pretty.

Even the animals get tired of me taking their picture all the time! :)

I think it's time to take these down. 

The sun was GORGEOUS!!

Hangin' Out!

This beautiful feather was caught in the tree.

I LOVE fences.


Happy Easter

We went to my Aunt's house, as usual, for Easter. I just love getting together with the family.
We have an Easter Egg hunt, dinner, and lots and lots of talking and laughter.
It is one of my favorite times of the year.

What a beautiful family!

Cousins plus three. :)

Aunt Kate and Josephine.

Leslie and Melissa

Grandma and Janie

You can't say these two are not related...


Some of my favorite boys...

And my other favorite boys...