Reach for the Sky

Sub 20* with the wind. This amazing, young lady was a trooper. 

I just love shooting up at Highland Forest. The light is amazing and there are so many different places to go and have different shots. 

For this photo shoot, we really stayed in one place and just changed outfits. 
It was much warmer :) on the path. 

A dancer, avid reader, kind friend, and super young lady.


Baby J

This little boy is destined to be a hunter.
I was able to spend an afternoon with this squishy newborn. 
He was awake the whole time and holding his head by himself, amazing!

His parents are head-over-heels in love with this little one. How can you not be? Look at those gorgeous eyes! :)

Good luck with the hunting, Baby J. <3


The P Family

I fell in love with her on the spot!
She is one spunky gal!!!

And I'm not just talking about the four legged one! :)

This couple is so full of fun and energy. This day they only had one dog with them, but on a typical day, they have more than one. These two help foster Bullies. 
What a wonderful thing to do. :)


The M Family

I knew that this was going to be a fantastic shoot when this is the first picture I take. :)

This family was so lovely.
I can't believe I was so nervous about taking their photos.

See, mom here is a professional photographer. Not to mention that she is AMAZING!!!
So, needless to say, I was VERY nervous!

The entire family was fantastic!

Thank you for letting me share a little bit of your time. 


The M Family

Take a look at this gorgeous family!

They booked a mini-session with me in November. Little did I know that my daughter's field hockey team would be going to STATES!!!

I had to cancel two mini-sessions. :(

These guys stuck with me. I got to go to their beautiful home and capture their family with the most beautiful light. :)

So much love...<3