A Little Holiday Spirit

Oh My! I LOVE these boys!

They made my day.
Let's do this…Let's do this…Let's do this!

Chittenango Falls has to be one of the most amazing places!


The E Family

As part of my mini-sessions for the holiday season, I got to work with these kiddos. How fun!
They are cousins and they get along so well. 

Oh! Those eyes!!!!!

The F Family

Watch out! The cuteness of this family may overwhelm you! 
I am warning you!

I am so grateful I got to spend some time with the F family. How adorable are they?

We went up to Highland Forest. It was a beautiful fall day. The sun was peeking out from time to time and it was not that chilly. PERFECT!

This little one LOVED the camera. She kept telling me where to take her picture, she chose the poses, she told me where to stand…she's TWO! :)

This one stole my heart. He was so energetic and lively! He wanted to be everywhere!
Can we just figure out how to bottle this?

And then there is this sweet, little bundle. 

I had the parents kiss…little Miss C thought I was talking to her! 
So, she kissed her brother. 

Thank you so much for allowing me to spend time with your family and to meet the new little addition. 


The B Family

I had the chance to spend an afternoon playing in leaves, hanging out by the pond, and taking a hike through this amazing land of the B family.

What a wonderful time!

This is one of the first photos I took. He is so shy!

Family love. After awhile all the personalities come out! Even the mom and dad's. :)

Hanging out in the kayak. Yep, it's what she does. 

This was little brother's idea. FAB!!!

I am not sure, but I think this family has TONS of fun together!!!

Thank you for showing me your home-away-from-home and letting me be part of your day. 


The M Family

We went out to Green Lakes. We found some AMAZING light. Wow! Thanks Mr. M. for suggesting some of our spots. 

Just so adorable. 

Fall is breathtaking.

She has inspired me to do a little fairy photo shoot. 

Thank you for letting me share this day with you. I had so much fun!


Miss L.

What is more special than spending time with a beautiful, young girl that I had in second grade? 
Not much. :)
You are going places Miss L.


A Girl and Her Horse

An afternoon with this beautiful girl and her horse.
We had so much fun!

Just a little stubborn.
We deal with it with treats. :)

I just love this connection.


Thank you for letting me spend some time with you, Miss M. <3


Baby S

Oh My Gosh!
I had so much fun with this family! 
How on earth do they fit this much cuteness in this family?

Big sister

Baby Feet


Father and Daughter


She loves him so much


2015 Miss K.

Another beauty that I had in second grade. 
Seriously, how did this happen?

Beth Carroll of the Cazenovia Candy Shoppe let us in to take pictures. How amazing are these colors???


Bat Man!!!