Janie's Birthday Celebration...Gloria loves to steal the show.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter!!!

What a day!

Gloria...she is such a funny cat!

It is so hard to believe that she is 14 already. 
Don't blink...


"H" Hoedown 2013

My sister and brother-in-law have a Hoedown every year.
It is one of the most fun things to do. 
There is dancing, frisbee, swimming, bike riding, eating, drinking...pretty much anything. 
I rented a 24-70mm lens. OOOOOH BABY!!! I am in love!!! 
Here is just a glimpse of the "H" Hoedown. 

Baby "E"...so precious.

Here's a bike you could ride if you'd like. 
I wouldn't recommend riding it down to the pond. 

A little nature.

"D" Hmmmm?

My grandparent's old whirly-gig. :)

Super Friends

Mr. J eating cotton candy.

Miss J 

Miss K with the cutest puppy in the world!

Miss L

Miss P
No one messes with her cotton candy.

Miss P on the mike.

The cutest puppy in the world!


The most beautiful view.
Thanks J and T. We had a wonderful time!!!


Colors in a Sunrise

Have you ever had a chance to sit and watch the colors of a sunrise change, merge, morph, and just become more beautiful? 
I think it's my favorite time of the day. :)


Playing in the Water

Janie wants to go swimming EVERY day! She asks us all the time.
She knows she can get me when she says, "Why don't you take some pictures?".
Hook...Line...and Sinker!!!

Her hair is so long. It took a lot of energy!

So cool!!!

A few flips!

Some fountains.

I don't think she had any fun!


A little side flip. :)

And some fun!


I Want a Goat Soooooooo Bad!!!

I visited my friends, the G Family. They have goats and chickens. I just LOVE them!

 This is Charlotte. Who wouldn't want to take her home!


Holy Fireworks Batman!!!

We went to see the Fourth of July Fireworks at the lake. 
They were beautiful!
This is my first attempt at photographing fireworks. 
I watched a video from LOVE THAT SHOT!
They are amazing!
If you haven't been over to their site you should definitely check it out!
They have tutorials and advice and giveaways! I love when they have their live broadcasts. 

Anyway...here are the shots from July 4th.