Beautiful Miss M.

This little beauty is going to be a senior this year. It is hard to believe. 
She is going to go on to do great things in her life.

We were fortunate to be able to use on of my friend's land.
Wow! Aren't they lucky?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend an afternoon with you. You are truly a remarkable young lady.


Shout Out... Eat, Pray, Yarn!!!

These are so stinkin' cute!!! 
I have fallen in love with newborn sessions. Who wouldn't, right?

These adorable props were created by the talented, beautiful, amazing…Jessica.

I was able to use the headband, hat and mermaid outfit. 
Can you believe how adorable that is!?!?!
Look how many different things she has!

Have a wonderful day!


Beauty~~~Miss K's Senior Session

I was able to spend some time with a senior that I did not really know very well before this photo shoot. This is one of my all-time favorite parts of being a photographer. I get to meet people I would not have met before and I get to be real with them. 
Thanks Kortney!!! 

Have a wonderful day!


Summer Time, Summer Time

I can never get tired of flowers in the summer. There are so many. 
Different colors, smells, looks, shapes, etc..

These are some photos I took of some simple flowers from my very good friend, Kristen's garden.
She is amazing. I could spend hours there just walking about and observing all her gardens. 

Have a wonderful day!


Eiffel Tower

I had many opportunities to see the Eiffel tower from different angles and places. 

This is from our boat tour.

On our city bus tour.

A little vintage.

Right underneath.

From a park nearby.

It is truly an amazing structure. 


This Family

I had so much fun photographing this family.
They have so much spunk and happiness.
This picture captures it all.


This only took… many shots? Actually not that many, but our four legged friends were not going to have any more photos taken. :)

So handsome!