Senior Photos Miss E.

There is no way that this young lady is a senior. How did this happen?
In the blink of an eye she has turned from this little girl running around being so goofy and silly, to this gorgeous young lady running around being so goofy and silly.

You are going somewhere, Miss E.
Your talent is beyond amazing. Your love for happiness and joy is contagious. 

This is one of the silliest photo shoots I have had. You can't tell by these gorgeous, serious pictures. :)
So much fun!


The W. Family and some more :)

Country Club setting

These kiddos, their parents, and grandparents were all set for their photoshoot. Look at how coordinated they are! They look gorgeous!

At first the little ones were a little shy...then...they loosened up. 

What a wonderful extended family! They clearly all get along and have a lot of fun together. 
I love that these two wanted their photos at the same place they had their reception for their wedding. 


Senior Photos Miss. C.

I have watched this young lady grow up. She is suppose to be running around following her older sister around to field hockey games and playing on the sideline. Oh my goodness, how time flies. 

This was my first senior session of the season. 
What a great one to start out with. 
Green Lakes is one of my favorite spots to take photos. I love walking on the trail and finding different lighting and places to use. 

Miss C., you blew me away with your humor, intelligence, and thoughtfulness. 
"Oh the places you'll go!"~ Dr. Seuss


Senior Photos Mr. B.

A beautiful setting. A very nice young man. Gorgeous light.
Who could ask for anything more?

This young man is going places. He is ambitious, smart, and charming.

I was asked to come out to his grandparents house for the photo session. I didn't realize that I would be shooting in one of the most beautiful spots. 

We walked everywhere on the property to find some really great light. I even broke the bridge...that's a story for another time. 

Congratulations Mr. B. I can't wait to see what you accomplish.


Senior Photos with Mr. A.

Beautiful sky, a little breeze, a wonderful young man.

What a great, intelligent guy.

I think senior photos are harder for guys than girls. At least at most schools now they give you some leeway in what photo you want to enter into the yearbook. There are some around us that still want that formal look for everyone. I like that this school gives you the freedom to show off their personalities.