Green Lakes Duathlon

I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at the Green Lakes Duathlon. 
Proceeds go to Two Smiles, One Hope.

What a wonderful foundation.

The National Anthem
Sung by the beautiful Miss L.

A hug from mom. LOVE!!!

One of our water stop volunteers. 
Miss L.

Miss M.

Transition Alley

Now that's a fine looking team.

Caz Represented

Oh, Miss H. You are READY!!!

Mr. B. Go! Go! Go!

Mr. J You are rockin' it!

We didn't have ANY fun!

The boys!

Our water stop!
Energy Drink!
Energy Gels!


These ladies were all smiles at the finish! What a great way to end!


Travel Softball in May???

You can tell by the winter clothes these girls have on that it was way too cold to be playing softball outside. They were troopers!

The light was perfect for photos!!! 
Don't you just love when you don't have to fix anything! :)

This weekend should be MUCH warmer!


Mom's Flowers

If there is anyone who had a green thumb... it's my mom.
She can grow anything. 
Her windowsills are full of blooming plants.
When you walk into her house, there is always a centerpiece on the kitchen table. Whether it be some little weeds she found out walking with her friend or some wonderfully arranged bouquet from her garden. 
It's one of the things I love about going "HOME".