Green Lakes Duathlon

I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at the Green Lakes Duathlon. 
Proceeds go to Two Smiles, One Hope.

What a wonderful foundation.

The National Anthem
Sung by the beautiful Miss L.

A hug from mom. LOVE!!!

One of our water stop volunteers. 
Miss L.

Miss M.

Transition Alley

Now that's a fine looking team.

Caz Represented

Oh, Miss H. You are READY!!!

Mr. B. Go! Go! Go!

Mr. J You are rockin' it!

We didn't have ANY fun!

The boys!

Our water stop!
Energy Drink!
Energy Gels!


These ladies were all smiles at the finish! What a great way to end!

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Heather Ketcham said...

Such fun! Great pics!!