Playing Around with My Macro

One of the things on my "WANTED" list is a real macro lens. 
Don't get me wrong. I love these little lenses that can get me in real close to my subject.
I use them with my 50 mm. 
They are perfect for still life. Gloria, my cat did not think it was so great! :)
Here are some pretty pink flowers given to me by a very special family.


More Photo-A-Day

Ahhhh! I love the Photo-A-Day Challenge. 
I need to follow it correctly though. 
It is getting me to get my camera out more than I would if I wasn't doing this challenge. 
So, I guess that is the point of it.

My daughter, Janie helps me out with all of my photography. She has even taken some of these photos. A budding photog. :)

Rosie is READY for her meal!

Janie and I tried many different things for this. We made some shadow puppets and put some objects in front of the flashlight. We finally put one of Rosie's toys in the direct path of the flashlight. This is what we got. Pretty cool.

Right out of the oven.
Pasta and meat sauce.

Something You Saw
Gloria finally got to go outside. She has wanted to go but never makes it out the door because it has been WAY TOO COLD!

What You Do
This isn't the only thing I do!
But I do it a lot!
Photo By: Janie

A corner in our kitchen.

So cool! I asked David if I could use his guitar. This is a cool view.
He didn't even know they were colored!

I had to include owls. Look at the colors on this mug. LOVE!

Well, you get the point!

Janie never wanders very far from me. Can you find her in this photo?

Photo By: Janie
iPhone camera
This was on our way to softball practice.

Have a wonderful day!


Will You Be Mine?

Our Valentine Mini-Session Photo Shoot was a success!
Juxtapose Dezign and BAK Pack Photography joined forces to give some families mini-sessions for Valentine's Day.
It's a good thing they were MINI-SESSIONS! :)
Three out of six families braved the cold weather.
21* with a wind-chill of 7*.
It was CHILLY!

The "R" kiddos were so cute. 
They were such great sports.



They had a little fun warming up!

Handsome fellow!

Our second family, the "M" family was also wonderful!

What a lovely couple.

Those eyes!

What cold?

Such LOVE!

The "T" family had a really FUN time!
They masked the fact that it was the coldest temperatures of the day!

The girls!


One of my favorites. She is so cute!

Gorgeous family!

Thank you to all who came out!
Stephanie and I had so much fun!
Look for more mini-sessions to come! :)


Loving Teaching

I love teaching! The way that students get excited about silly little things. "Friends, today we are going to be using markers." Well, you would have thought that I had told them they won a million dollars!

I frequently take pictures at school. For my teaching blog, classroom blog, and just to document what I am doing. They haven't started to run from me yet! :)

The class was reviewing a product from another teacher (in Hawaii). So cool!
I was taking pictures for the review and these two happened to come out. 
Don't you love that when that happens? Just random, great pictures.
I really like taking pictures from a different perspective. On the ground, from above...etc.
Just some different things that we may not think about.

Enjoy the little moments!


More January Photos...So much fun!

Hello! I am back for my catch-up on the January Photo-a-Day Challenge.
Have I told you how much I love doing these?
There were no kiddos around to photograph, so there are some of my pets this time.

OK! OK! So I cheated a little. I put some catnip in the paper bag to see what would happen.
Well, they both attacked it! :)

My new watch from my wonderful husband. LOVE!

I tried a couple different views of this glass. This one looks as if nothings in it. Pretty cool!

We went to Wegmans today after our eye doctor's appointment. All five of us were there at the same time. Well, it took A LOT longer than we thought. Over three hours!!!
I took the kids to get some food. Have you seen these cuties?

I had to use it for circle too! I am so intrigued by these!

These are my daughter's snow boots. I really like how the focus is just on the inside of the boots. 

This is a daily scene at my house.
Rosie patiently waiting for the ball! :)

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I had taking them.
Have a wonderful day!


Fun in January

Happy Saturday! I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather.
This week I went out and took some more photos for the January Photo-of-the-Day Challenge.
It was an interesting week. We have has some melting, but not too much. So, it's been great to be outside.

I was a little scared to take this one under the back of the garage. 
When I looked at it the next day it was GONE!

I wore these shoes to work this week. They are so cute!
Were they comfortable? NO!
You can tell by the dust still on them that I do not wear shoes like this much. :)

Begins with "T"
My daughter got this clock for Christmas.
So cool!

This is what it looks like going up our street. There is a pretty good amount of snow (right now).

Have a wonderful day!
Don't forget to check out what Stephanie (Juxtapose Dezign) and I are doing next week.
If you are going to be in the area, give us a call and set up an appointment. It should be fun!


A Celebration

This family was so much fun to work with.
26 people in the photo...Ready...Go!



The reason for the celebration.
Baby "O".




and more cousins

Thank you so much to the "S" family. I really had a wonderful time.