More Photo-A-Day

Ahhhh! I love the Photo-A-Day Challenge. 
I need to follow it correctly though. 
It is getting me to get my camera out more than I would if I wasn't doing this challenge. 
So, I guess that is the point of it.

My daughter, Janie helps me out with all of my photography. She has even taken some of these photos. A budding photog. :)

Rosie is READY for her meal!

Janie and I tried many different things for this. We made some shadow puppets and put some objects in front of the flashlight. We finally put one of Rosie's toys in the direct path of the flashlight. This is what we got. Pretty cool.

Right out of the oven.
Pasta and meat sauce.

Something You Saw
Gloria finally got to go outside. She has wanted to go but never makes it out the door because it has been WAY TOO COLD!

What You Do
This isn't the only thing I do!
But I do it a lot!
Photo By: Janie

A corner in our kitchen.

So cool! I asked David if I could use his guitar. This is a cool view.
He didn't even know they were colored!

I had to include owls. Look at the colors on this mug. LOVE!

Well, you get the point!

Janie never wanders very far from me. Can you find her in this photo?

Photo By: Janie
iPhone camera
This was on our way to softball practice.

Have a wonderful day!

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