I found this mushroom in the back yard.
It is so beautiful.


Sweet, Little Bantam Egg

Our first bantam egg came today. We were all so excited. I have no idea what I am going to do with it! It will take about three of them to equal one. 
Maybe I'll make a teeny, tiny omelet!


Senior Photo Shoot with a little visitor

Mr. J's senior photo shoot had a little visitor!
He came out of nowhere!

And then of course stole my attention!

Look at that face!

I think I love these the most!

"I am the Lorax! I speak for the trees!"




A Visit with Friends

After the rain cleared we went for a short walk. This beautiful barn is right up the road from us. 
What a gorgeous day!

Two peas in a pod! Love these girls!


A Great Night for Soccer

Cazenovia wins 3-0


A Request...

More pictures of 65 and older softball.
These gentlemen inspire me!


An Early Morning Softball Game on a Sunday Morning - 65 and OLDER

I got to go watch my dad play softball Sunday morning.
He plays with a great group of gentlemen.
All 65 and older!!!
He is one of the reasons I am so active and healthy. 
Thanks DAD! Love you!