Has this happened to you? 
I had one child who would pose for me until the sun went down. We had so much fun!!! Then…she got her own camera.
No more posing. Enter sad face.
This is the shot I got of her when I asked her to pose for my prompt Inspiration.
She thinks she's so funny!

I absolutely LOVE<Love>LOVE it! 

Have a wonderful day!


Sweet Tooth

If anyone knows me personally, I have a HUGE sweet tooth. It's horrible actually. :)
I have passed it onto both of my girls. If there is candy around, we will eat it. 

I just love the colors of these three. 
Rock Candy. Remember that!

Have a wonderful, sweet day!


This one was so hard. I couldn't believe how much this took for me to do.
I can fool around in front of my phone taking tons of selfies when I am doing anything, but when it came to this, it was tough.

I am much more comfortable behind the lens. I guess that's why I do what I do. :)
Have a wonderful day!



I love to photography Rosie. She is becoming more aware of the camera though. Today she turned away from me when I was trying to get her. She went right to her crate and did this. :)
Just like the kids. 

My theme tonight was framed. Doesn't she look like she's in jail? And so sad. :(