Happy Christmas!!!


We try to make sugar cookies every year. There are certain members of my family who cut them out and make them, frost them, and then a few who participate in eating them.

Scarf...I mean socks.
These were just so cute, I couldn't resist.

My favorite part of Christmas Eve
Spending time with wonderful friends.
I don't think I have laughed this much in a long time!!!

Rosie and I were waiting for the rest of the family.
We had to wait a LONG time!

Have a wonderful holiday!


A Sneak Peek for A and M

27* and a half foot of new snow.
We were just expecting 8-12 more inches!!!
They were such good sports!

New LOVE!!!

Gorgeous couple. 
You can tell how much love they have for each other.

I know their relationship is as fun as this photo shoot was.



Three more days...

Candy Cane
I took a bunch of pictures and settled on this one. I took it with my little macro lenses. 
I like how the texture popped out in this one. 

Tree Topper
I know. I know. This is not a tree topper. But it is such a wonderful ornament I received from a student. 
It is so pretty in the tree.

Signed by my daughter, Janie.


Walking Prayer Vigil for Sandy Hook


Catching Up!!!

December 13


December 14

Christmas Tree

This is how I imagine a child sees a Christmas tree. Looking UP!

December 15

Favorite Holiday Song

Any song from Charlie Brown's Christmas is my favorite.

Loo, Loo, Loo, Loo, Loo...

December 16

Outside Christmas Lights

These are outside our house around our pool. 
So pretty!

December 16


Not wrapped... :)

December 18


These are the original ones my mom's friend made for our children. 
I LOVE them!


December 11 and 12/12/12 Photo-a-Day

I was able to spend this very cool day with one of my favorite families.

I adore this family. They are strong, determined, kind, and really just wonderful people!
I even got to meet Grandpa tonight! :)

"A Beautiful Sight"

Oh Yeah! Yesterday's assignment was green.
Can you guess what this is?


December 8 and 9 Photo-a-Day and a little tribute to Yardley

I am catching up on the last two days in one post. We had a very sad thing happen in our family. Our dog of 11 years, Yardley, passed away. He was part of our family for so long, I don't think the kids remember when he wasn't there. He will be missed.

This is Yardley and Rosie last month.

This is where he was the happiest. Down at my parent's cottage. As long as he was in the lake, he was a happy dog!

I don't know what we will do without him.


December 8th's assignment was ornament.
This is the first ornament I received from my Aunt after I began teaching.

Do they make them like this anymore? So simple.

December 9th's assignment. "What I'm Reading".

Can you tell what I'm reading? It's my second time through the series. At first I took a shot head on to the book and words. Then my daughter said, "Mom, why don't you take it from the side?". BRILLIANT!!! She is so smart!

Have a wonderful day!


December 7 Photo-a-Day "Bright"


Today I was reminded of something that we all should do, but seldom do. 
Everyone has heart-aches and lost love. It still hurts each time. 
Then something else happens to put it all into perspective. 
My aunt's cancer has come back. She will have to begin chemo soon. I would not wish that on anyone. 
All I can do from here is pray and send good thoughts. 
I will not put my energy into negative things.
There are way more important things out there.

Thank you to my sister for letting me be who I am and helping me see things clearer.

December 6 Photo-a-Day

I do not like to go shopping at the "big" mall. I hardly like to go in any stores. 
I tried it the other night with one of my friends. 
It is NOT for me!
I will stick with this kind of shopping!

It's more my speed!

Have a wonderful day!!!


December 4th and 5th Photo-a-Day

I am a day late on this one. I didn't get home in time last night to capture JOYOUS.
When Rosie is chasing a ball, she is always JOYOUS!!!
I think this is probably what she loves most in the world.
There is nothing like a seeing her bound back to us with her ball. She is relentless.

Our temperature changed from almost 70* yesterday to SNOW today. The chickens were all huddling around their heat lamp. (red light)

Have a wonderful day!!!


December 3 Photo-a-Day

Red is so abundant during the Christmas season. 
I had a hard time choosing what I would take a picture of. 
One thing I know I love is BOKEH!!!
So I tried to capture the spirit of the season and my assignment.

I just love how the red pops out at you. I wish I didn't capture the rug as much...next time! 
Have a wonderful day!


December 2 Photo - a - Day Challenge

Today's photo is favorite holiday movie.
I thought really hard about how I was going to do this. I didn't want to take a picture of my favorite movie so I tried to find something to represent it.

Can you guess which is my favorite?

We also began trimming the tree tonight. 
Here are some of my favorite ornaments.

Have a wonderful day!


Photo-a-Day December Challenge

I am linking up with Lianne for her Capturing December, Photo-a-Day Challenge.
I couldn't wait for this challenge to start.

I completed one in November with some of my FB photog friends. We had such a great time looking at each other's photos while getting some friendly critiques on them. 
I really like doing these challenges. It gets me out of my comfort zone. 

Click on the picture if you would like to link up.

December 1
My view from the Christmas Tree Farm.

We had so much fun. They even have a ZIPLINE!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!