December 8 and 9 Photo-a-Day and a little tribute to Yardley

I am catching up on the last two days in one post. We had a very sad thing happen in our family. Our dog of 11 years, Yardley, passed away. He was part of our family for so long, I don't think the kids remember when he wasn't there. He will be missed.

This is Yardley and Rosie last month.

This is where he was the happiest. Down at my parent's cottage. As long as he was in the lake, he was a happy dog!

I don't know what we will do without him.


December 8th's assignment was ornament.
This is the first ornament I received from my Aunt after I began teaching.

Do they make them like this anymore? So simple.

December 9th's assignment. "What I'm Reading".

Can you tell what I'm reading? It's my second time through the series. At first I took a shot head on to the book and words. Then my daughter said, "Mom, why don't you take it from the side?". BRILLIANT!!! She is so smart!

Have a wonderful day!

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