Fun in January

Happy Saturday! I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather.
This week I went out and took some more photos for the January Photo-of-the-Day Challenge.
It was an interesting week. We have has some melting, but not too much. So, it's been great to be outside.

I was a little scared to take this one under the back of the garage. 
When I looked at it the next day it was GONE!

I wore these shoes to work this week. They are so cute!
Were they comfortable? NO!
You can tell by the dust still on them that I do not wear shoes like this much. :)

Begins with "T"
My daughter got this clock for Christmas.
So cool!

This is what it looks like going up our street. There is a pretty good amount of snow (right now).

Have a wonderful day!
Don't forget to check out what Stephanie (Juxtapose Dezign) and I are doing next week.
If you are going to be in the area, give us a call and set up an appointment. It should be fun!

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