Trying Out a Rental

I rented a camera from my favorite camera shop.

Lydia is patient, so knowledgeable, and helpful!

They are AMAZING!!! It's the only place I will go!

I am trying out a Canon 5D this weekend. I can tell the difference in the shots. I have a Canon Rebel T3 right now. The main difference is the full frame. I am contemplating upgrading. 
I will show you the difference in my photos in tomorrow's entry.

We went outside donned in our cowboy hats.
That's what you do in the country.

She just loves to get in front of the camera....REALLY CLOSE!

Making Rice Crispy Treat snowmen.
Well, starting to! :)

Big Sister...Little Sister...
Need I say more?

I just want her to keep this look forever!

Howdy Pardner!

And then there's Yardley...
He was getting every last drop of eggnog out of that teeny, tiny glass.

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