9/11 Memorial

My husband and I went to New York City.
We jammed so much into a little amount of time. 
My husband had never seen the WTC Memorial. We didn't go to the museum, the line was outrageous and we didn't have much time. 
This is my second time visiting. 

My reaction is the same. 
Looking at all the names, my throat closes and I hear myself saying a prayer in my head. 

It's quiet at the memorial, for the most part. It's hard for me to watch people take selfies while they smile. 
We look up and see the sky reflected in the Freedom Tower. It is quite an amazing sight. 

We walk to the second memorial. 
I run my fingers over the names of three men with the same last name. 
I think about the families and friends. 

"If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate."
~Sandy Dahl, wife of Flight 93 pilot Jason Dahl, in Shanksville, PA, 2002.

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