Walk to Battery Park and why we were really here. :)

We decided to take advantage of a chilly, but beautiful day.
We took the train to Battery Park and walked around. 
We saw the Statue of Liberty and happened upon the National Museum of the American Indian.
What a great find!

I have a great interest in American Indian information. My great-great grandmother was full Iroquois. I wish I had asked my great-grandmother all about it before she had passed. I was too young to understand how important it is to me now. 

So, we soaked up all that we could, especially about the north-east American Indians. 

On our way back we had another surprise. 
Have you heard of the musical Hamilton?
Ha! Well, if you're like my family, you have listened to it about a million times. We absolutely love it!
We were walking down the street and we looked up and saw this gorgeous church...Trinity Church...wait that sounds familiar. :)

So, we went and visited the grave of Alexander, Eliza, and Phillip. 
I immediately sent photos to my kids. :)

We kept walking and found the Brooklyn Bridge. It is so pretty. Next time we will be taking a walk on it. 

There is just so much to do in this city.

I bet you're just itching to find out why we were really here. 

Forgive the phone photos. :)

We love Phish. The first time we saw them was in 1991 at my college. 

These shows were suppose to be a "once in a lifetime" opportunity. 
Well, we got to the first one and said immediately that we are coming back next year. 


Until next year NYC and MSG> 
It was truly an amazing journey!

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