How did I get here?

How did you get into photography?
When did you start taking photos?
Who inspires you?

These are questions I am sure every photographer gets a lot.

I figured people want to know, so I'll tell you. :)

My dad was a hobbyist. He loved taking photos. Some of my favorites are up on my fridge. 

He knew how to capture moments. 

At the same time, my parents had a friend named Wes. He was a professional. He had us come over and have our photos taken. I was enthralled. Even though I was very young, (I remember my brother was about 3, so I was 8) I just watched what he did. One of his photos is still up on our wall at home. 

My in-laws got me a film camera for Christmas one year. I used it all the time. By the time I three kids I needed a point-and-shoot. I wished I had kept up with the film camera, but life happens. 
The photos above are definitely inspired by Wes. 

I eventually got into photography again when a friend, who was a professional photographer, and I started to hang out. Boy, was she talented. She taught me a lot. She even let me borrow one of her cameras for a while. 

I went out and bought my own camera. :)
Canon Rebel T3
I LOVED it!!!

Eventually, I started to watch videos and I took a few private lessons with a local camera store. 

And then I started to shoot! A LOT!!!
(when my first laptop died, they were taking everything off of it and told me I needed not one, but two external hard drives because of how many photos I had on it) :)

The first real posing I did was for my daughter, Katie. These are her senior photos. I did a lot of "free or bartering" shoots that summer. 
From then my business has grown. I love what I do. 
I love getting to know families. I love making kids giggle. 

From Katie's senior David's.

Two years later. 

On to Janie's. Another two years later. 

Whatever the moment. I have fun with it.

Who knows what my next adventure will be.

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