There is a lot of inspiration out there. 
One thing that inspires me is learning and trying new things. 

The photo below is my daughter's take on exposure. 
Janie is so good at exposure. 
This is just a screenshot of hers. Click on the photo below to see the original on her IG page. 
Isn't it super?!?!

Me, not so much. :)
But I'm willing to learn, try, grow.

The bethadilly 52 week challenge has been such a great addition to my photography journey.
I tried a 365 challenge last year. I did really well in the beginning and then as I get busy, it fell to the wayside. 
This year, I am trying for one great photo a week. There are prompts. You can interpret them any way  you wish. 
This week was exposure. I was terrified! Well, I wouldn't go that far, but I certainly had not even dabbled in it. 
Janie and I talked about how she did hers and I tried it on my own. 
It was really fun!

When I shot the last one and looked into my camera, I thought, that's the one. :)
Not bad for a first try...well, a first try with about 68 photos. :)

So, go out, try new things, challenge yourself, inspire others, and have fun!

Have a wonderful day!

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